DENZEL Northwest represents manufacturers of specialty architectural products, with a focus on ceilings and acoustics. Led by Daana Denzel, Denzel Northwest showcases the highest quality manufacturers in both interior and exterior finishes.  Denzel Northwest is based in Seattle, WA and serves the greater Northwest territory of Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

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Daana Denzel has been in the specialty architectural product industry for over 8 years.  Daana focuses on providing product solutions supporting your design concept from inception, all the way through to project completion. Daana works closely with architects, designers and contractors to  bring solutions, product knowledge and industry experience to your project.

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Daana Denzel

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Wade Nash is an industry veteran with over 30 years in the ceilings industry. Wade brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience to the table, with a deep understanding of acoustics, construction and materials.